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"Being married to a Frenchman, good bread, as he would say, 'C'est non négociable!' 

My aim is to create for you bread that is not only delicious but nutritious as well. It is not just cooking, it is a science.

Stoneground and sustainably grown flour is sourced from Provenance Flour and Malt to ensure that the nourishing features of wheat are not lost. We then take it slowly with a 72 hour ferment prior to baking to ensure full benefit and to optimise digestibility."

- Rebecca Sutton

Our bakery production is now closed..

After steering a small business through extremely trying times in the heart of the Pandemic and preparing it for sale, as was the ultimate goal, one year into our search to find the new guardian of this business, we decided to close in the best interests of our family and health.  Two precious things in life you don't get a second shot at.

You can still find Mudgee Sourdough on our bespoke catering menus

as our starter 'Helen' is still going strong.

It was five incredible years of growth, committed teamwork, sometimes little sleep and an endearing support from our community. We remain grateful and very proud of our achievements. I'm leaving this page on our website as testament to that.


The legacy lives on though...

Find out more about our Mudgee Sourdough School classes here

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