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Hello Lovelies Cordials were born originally of an opportunity to accept the offering of excess fruit in the Mudgee Region.  As an offshoot of olive.a.twist catering (think ‘Please, may I have some more?), a project that gave home to orphan fruit was given the name ‘Hello Lovelies’ to follow with the Dickens theme.  In the story of Oliver Twist, Fagan said to the orphans, ‘allo my little Lovelies’.


Our small batch cordials are made with seasonal quality fruit and vegetables with the odd foraged herb, all local to the Mudgee region.  The (rain)water is courtesy of Mother Nature and not via a treatment plant.  A teeny bit of citric acid is added to keep the nasties out – you can find this naturally in citrus fruits.


Hand peeled, juiced and pressed, they are made with a lot of love.  Using our experience as winemakers, cooks and sommeliers, we have ensured that when you taste one of them, your palate will be entertained. It’s not just a cordial. Each has their own personality and we think they are truly lovely…..

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